Are Billionaires REALLY Doing This?

Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear (otherwise known as how to get out of your own quicksand and get ahead in life)

Trevor Blake
6 min readApr 14, 2021
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It’s easy to take up pitchforks against the rich, but it’s a road strewn with, well, just that — pitchforks

I read an article on Medium recently claiming that the super-rich have such a dim view of the world’s future that they’re building bunkers at an alarming rate.

The author begins by setting a clever image of tycoon George Pullman lying in a lead-lined, concrete-covered vault.

Pop history paints Pullman as a cold, heartless tycoon who was behind one of the most controversial worker strikes in American history. He’s remembered for reducing wages and laying workers off during the financial panic of 1893.

But was he buried in his bunker for fear of disgruntled workers desecrating his grave?

Pullman died four years after the events that tarnished his reputation. Yes, he did fear grave desecration, but long before 1893.

His burial wishes were made decades before and expensively carried out according to his instructions — and the people who did the work were his employees.



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